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FIRST POST! Exciting new changes and some sad news

My very first blog post! I have been compiling a list of blog post topics for months now just waiting for the perfect “first”….call it patience or procrastination, you pick. Don’t worry I have plenty of fun yoga pose deep dive, clean eating recipes your kiddos will eat and best mat debate blog posts planned, but when this week came around it felt like the perfect way to kick it off. As we enter the holiday season I am always in awe of how the season transforms us and as much consumerism is surrounding us, I have the opportunity to talk to many people during the day and I do not believe the transformation is about gifts, parties or lights. It makes us happy to bring joy to others. Everyday (especially over the holidays) I watch our instructors and clients give so much to our Mojo community.

I have witnessed clients and instructors give to one another through support, hugs, celebrations and overall compassion. I could have never imagined when opening Mojo Fit Studios the joy I would find watching these relationships grow and evolve. The smile that comes to my face when I see on Facebook new mamas that met at prenatal are having coffee with their new babies or when friends that met at class are grabbing pedi’s after class. Because even though we are a fitness and yoga studio, that is why we are here. To support one another on our journey to be a our best self through our human connection. This has been a difficult week for me (I know it’s only Tuesday)…but a valued member of our tribe is moving on to new and exciting opportunities. Ashley will be moving at the end of the month to travel and fulfill some yogi dreams. While we are so excited she is making this happen, it will absolutely leave a hole in the Mojo community. Ashley has been a member of the Mojo Tribe from the very beginning when we were only a tribe of two. Over the next few weeks Ashley will be transitioning 9 instructors into her classes! These instructors are amazing and are bringing so much new passion and class ideas to the studio! Ashley and I have been blown away by the creativeness in their classes. As they begin their new teaching journey we wish them a warm Mojo welcome, at the same time we will be giving Ashley a final send off at our Yoga on Tap class at Beyond Running (West Fargo) on December 22nd at 6:30pm. Please join us for a class and beer if you’d like or just come to give Ashley a big hug before she leaves. I feel very blessed to have all of our clients and instructors in my life. You each bring so much to this studio and the members of the Mojo community. We have an amazing group of instructors that inspire me everyday, show so much compassion towards our students but especially towards me a I sometimes fumble through mistakes and are the first to celebrate the good times with me as well. The studio and tribe will always evolve and change but the impact each of you have left in the studio is permanent and appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Mojo Fit Studios. Keep spreading your joy to everyone you encounter.